Creative Geekiness: Today's Toys make Tomorrow's Tech

Yesterday I stopped by a friend’s house after work to have a little geeky show and tell. I showed him my 3DS and he showed me his iPad 2. At some point, while we were both marveling over the gadgets, I said something about being so impressed by today’s technology. He agreed that this is truly a great time to be a geek. Since January 2010 we’ve seen the iPad, Kinect, Playstation Move, 4G phones, Glasses-less 3D, the 3DS, the iPad2, and all kinds of crazy apps, hacks and games. That’s a lot of mind-blowingly awesome tech in a very short time.

As a geeky creative person it’s exciting to see people exploring tech in interesting ways. I’m in awe of the pioneering nerds that take today’s newest tech and splice, hack, break, and bend it to create a vision of the future. Like these German students who turned popular phone game Fruit Ninja, into a full-room interactive experience.

Or these students from Portland who hacked some Kinects to make some simple battlebots. 

Sure you can see the seams in both examples. These aren’t polished, store-ready products, but that’s okay. My imagination can fill in the cracks with the magic of possibilities. Oh the possibilities! That second video is flirting with science fiction. We’re talking fighting robots, some Virtual On, Armored Core stuff! I’m already jealous of my future grandkids and their cyber virtual world holodeck hover boards. 

UPDATE: Found another nerdtastic use of tech today courtesy of my favorite tech site, Check out these robo tennis copters. They use motion detectors to find the ball and bounce it back. Incredible! Only children around the world rejoice!