Pictures, Get Your Pictures Here!

Got a picture you’d like to see? Commissions are FREE for the next couple of weeks. I’m working out the kinks for my new commission page, and I need some test subjects. I’ll be offering quick portraits, silly pictures, and even speed painting videos of your request coming together. So get your request in now while the getting’s good!

Take a look at some of my art and then come back here and request a picture. If you’re reading this on my GameSpot blog, just leave your request in the comments. If I pick your request I’ll send you a PM when the pic is done and you can send me an email address. You’ll get a high-res version of the pic to do what you want with (I won’t be offering printing services at this time). If you’re on my website, just fill out the comment form on this post and include your email (don’t worry, only I will see it) and I’ll get the picture to you when it’s done.

I’ll be experimenting with different styles, brushes and techniques on these commissions, so think of this as an artsy grab bag—hopefully you’ll like what you get, if not…it’s free.

Once the commission page is up on my site, you’ll be able to see previous commissions and request one of your own, in the style you prefer. I might have a price list up (there will be slightly different prices for some things, like speed painting videos or super time consuming pictures), or I might just send a quick reply to your request with prices.

The last request post I did resulted in Darth Vader rocking out, so I’m hoping to see more fun and silly suggestions from you guys.