Fab Feb Goals

Did I just put "Fab" in a blog title? Yes, yes I did. It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new goals blog. Let’s jump right into it, here are the goals I set to accomplish last month.

Work stuff
-Yep, started a job at a new company and I really like it.

Start training for the Corporate Cup Half Marathon in early March
-I did start training, and then I got sick. I’m back up and running now though.

Don't forget to sign up for the Cooper River Bridge Run
-Haven’t signed up yet, but it’s on my calendar. 

Finish the first round of revisions on my book
-Nope, that was ambitious. I took some time off writing when I started the new job. I’m about a third of the way through the book now.

Finish another painting
-Yep, it was a digital painting, but I’m going to count it.

I did okay last month, but aside from the book thing I didn’t set anything too high. Here are my goals for February 2011.

-Do some more freelance work
-Sort out some freelance business stuff
-Take Brooke out to a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner
-Buy a new battery for the Thunderbird and get it up and running
-Find the courage to play through Dead Space and return it to Gamefly
-Sign up for the Corporate Cup and maybe get some new shoes
-Have an awesome first chapter ready to mail out to agents
-Finish first round revisions on at least half of my book
-Eat less, run more, and then run faster

That’s a ton of goals to stuff in to the remaining 24 days of this month, but I’m feeling optimistic. I said last month that I thought this would be a good year, and I still do.

I’m going to introduce a new feature to the blog in the next week or so called Geek Out (that title might change, I don’t know). It will be a positive look at something that I geeked out about. Sometimes it will come in the form of a glowing recommendation; other times I’ll highlight just the part that might turn your geek light on, because I know not everyone will like every part of something like Kriby’s Epic Yarn. Technology is awesome, like really, seriously amazing, and I feel like sometimes we take that for granted, or get to cynical and snarky about it. As a geeky optimist, I have a lot of things to geek out about (games, books, movies, gadgets, etc.), and I’ll share them as soon as I decide on the format for this feature, which will be soon…I think.