Weekend Sketches

I went to Atlanta this weekend for an SCBWI event. I had a great time and met some really cool people. Unlike the last SCBWI event I went to in Charlotte, most of the sessions I attended were about writing instead of illustration (I figured that would be a good thing to focus on now that I have a finished book). But that doesn't mean I wasn't going to draw! Here are some sketches I did this weekend. Just click on the thumbnail for a bigger version. From left to right the sketches are: Dale, the main character from my novel; a house elf; a random caped hero; Wolverine; Draco Malfoy; Spider-Man; A random Marty McFly-type dude.

This weekend was interesting because I found myself having to define who I am in more concrete terms. Do I want to pursue writing or do I want to pursue illustration? I got asked this a lot because unlike most writer-illustrators there, I don't really write and illustrate children's books. I write YA novels, and illustrate children's books and commissions. So I settled on this: Writing is my passion, it's my first love, my job, what I went to school for, and what I want to do for a living as long as people will pay me to do so. Illustration is my hobby. It's something I've been fortunate enough to be paid to do in the past, but I don't have much formal training in it. So I work on it because it's fun and I want to get better, but in terms of my career and what I do for a full-time day job, I think writing will always come first. Either way I just like to create things, and I like pushing myself to get better at doing that. Hope you like the pics, and I hope you had a great weekend.