Best Trailer Ever?

Yesterday my Twitter stream exploded with “best trailer ever” tweets about the new Dead Island trailer, a game I wasn’t aware existed till then. I watched it this morning and, well, you should see it for yourself.

I’m not sure it’s the best trailer in the world—it doesn’t show you any gameplay, and you don’t get a sense of what the game is like—but it’s certainly an evocative trailer. The somber piano, the family in crisis, the loss of a child, the brain-hungry undead, it’s all crammed into three minutes of pre-rendered slow motion terror.

Zombies are to video games as vampires are to books, so I have to hand it to the developers (or marketing team), for making this game look interesting. My wife mistakenly asked why there are so many zombies in games when I told her about the trailer, and she got to hear my theory for the next several minutes. I think it’s the AI. Programming intelligent, challenging AI is difficult. It’s probably much easier to program zombies and just tell them to run forward and attack. They don’t have to hide behind cover, coordinate and flank the player, dodge grenades; just attack. That’s my theory anyways.

Much like the “Mad World” Gears of War trailer did years ago, this Dead Island trailer put a game on my radar that I might not have found appealing otherwise, so in that sense, it’s a success.  What do you think?