Need a job? I know where you can get one

I know I said I would never talk about work on my blog, but this is important—it could mean lots of cash for me and for you. After this, I’ll go back to talking about the geeky things I always talk about.

So I work for Red Ventures, a rapidly growing online marketing firm headquartered in the Charlotte, NC, area. I think you should too, especially if you’re a web developer or analyst. Here’s why: For each Analyst and Web Developer candidate that I refer and Red Ventures hires I will get paid $5K and the new employee will also receive a new hire bonus of $5K (the announcement of this referral plan at a company meeting the other week was amazing. It involved money being dumped on a table. It was like something out of a movie).

Yep, that’s some incentive right there. The company is in need of hard workers, and they’re paying for them. So if you can do one of the following positions and you’d like to live in the Charlotte area, head to and apply, just make sure you put my name in the referral area. The following jobs are eligible for the $5K bonus.

Marketing Analyst
Jr. Analyst
Online Marketing Analyst
Sr. Web Developer
Web Applications Developer
Lead Web Developer
Front End Web Developer

You can apply to other jobs on that list, but those are the ones with the bonus. I know it sounds biased coming from me since I stand to make some money from this, but it’s a great company to work for. Really, I’ve been here for three weeks now and I really like it—best company I’ve ever worked for, it’s got a real entrepreneurial vibe, meaning (for me at least) the working/meeting ratio is more in favor of working and getting stuff done. Also it was named best place to work in Charlotte in 2010 by the Charlotte Business Journal, and it’s been on the list of best places to work for a few years running now.

So if you want apply, go for it, and if you have any questions feel free to ask (you can email or pm me if you want). I’m still new, but I’ll answer what I can. The $5K bonus ends at the end of February. You don’t have to get hired by then, but you need to apply by then. Good luck!