That Was Fun, Now Back to Work

As some of you know, I work as a writer for a super awesome company. One of the many things that makes the company so super awesome is the annual meeting. This “meeting” is an all-expense-paid trip to a tropical paradise for four days of business and pleasure, mostly pleasure. This year the trip was to the Dominican Republic. The company chartered two Jet Blue jets and brought more the 300 corporate employees to Punta Cana.

I started here just a month after the last trip, so this was my first one. After I swallowed the guilt of leaving my wife home with our 10 week old baby, I had a great time! Seriously though, it was a ton of fun, and even after going and seeing it with my own eyes, I still can’t believe I work for a place that sends everyone to a tropical paradise once a year, free of charge (and gives them each a $200 stipend to boot). Here are a few highlights from my weekend in the Dominican, including some pics of me and some (unsuspecting) friends: