More fun than I thought

We got a Kinect last weekend. I didn't really want one. Maybe it's the jaded old gamer in me, but I was worried that it would end up like my Wii--collecting dust, only turned on for reviews and extremely great games (currently loving Kriby's Epic Yarn). But Brooke really wanted one. The idea of playing games without a controller was attractive to her, and she really wanted to get down with Dance Central. Also, it's hard to fight it when your non-gaming wife is imploring you to purchase a new video game peripheral.

Turns out Kinect is way more fun than I thought. It's not something I want to turn on every day, and you definitely need to be in the mood to get up and move around, but it's still great fun when you're playing (side note: I used a round of minigames in Kinect Adventures early this week as a pre-run warm up). I can't deny the wow factor of controling a game without a controller. There are moments while playing Kinect Adventures that you get in sync with the game and you forget you're in your living room. Yes, there's some jank with a bit of the recognition, and no the technology isn't perfect, but it is impressive. Also, the fact that I can earn back my Kinect purchase by reviewing games for it down the road doesn't hurt either.

I didn't think I'd ever say it, but I really like Kinect. It's a great addition to my gaming library. If you're coming over to my house any time soon, prepare to embarrass yourself. Here's us playing Kinect Adventures.

And here's Brooke dancing her P-P-P-Poker Face off.