Austin Light the Game (a creative resume)

A few months ago I came up with an idea for a resume I thought would get me noticed. It’s a creative/geeky resume, so I knew it wouldn’t be appropriate for every job. Once I found a position that I thought it fit with, I sent it out, after I shot the video below of course.

Pretty cool huh? I did end up getting a call from the company I sent that to. In fact, I interviewed with them two or three times. I ultimately went with a different company that I was also interviewing with (the different company didn’t get the above resume), but the game resume served its purpose and got me noticed.

I made a rule about a year ago to not talk about my day job on the blog, and I’m sticking to that. But since I’m at a new company now (as you might have figured out, I left the full-time freelance/independent contractor life) and this resume overlaps with some of the other geeky things I write about here, I thought it was okay to share it.

Also, after how much fun I had drawing the fantasy football picture and making the video, I’m thinking about taking commissions on those. I might do a couple more before I start charging just so I can get the video process down, so if you have picture suggestions/requests, now is the time to ask.