Comparing this space to SquareSpace

I started a free trial over at SquareSpace and I think I'm in love. In just a matter of hours I was able to make my site there into what I've always wanted this site to be (note, I am still tinkering on it, but I think it's looking great so far).

Check it out at

Make sure to look at the Illustration and Design page. It uses Lightbox for the galleries, which gives them that pretty animation when they open, and keeps them nice and organized when in thumbnail view.

I'll keep exploring SquareSpace. In the meantime, let me know what you think.

Is it time to leave Wordpress behind? SquareSpace will cost me $8 a month. I have another 12 days to decide, but I'm leaning toward switching. I just can't get over how customizable it is, and how easy it is to customize.