Practicing what I preach

When I meet some business people and they hear that I do a lot of work online and have my own blog, they ask me for tips on social media. Now I’m no social media expert, but I do know a thing or two about managing your personal brand.

For example, most social media success boils down to common sense. Don’t say things that could get you in trouble later. Duh. Also, if you want to carve out your own little niche on the internet/get followers/be talked about on message boards, you need to be about something. Write a blog that reviews straight-to-video movies. Make a series of posts that chronicle your journey through something—like your addiction to Farmville. Do whatever you want, just pick something and stick to it. Here are some great examples of that: Run Theoden Run, Write It Sideways, Light Whimsy.

Those people know what they are writing for, and who they are writing to. From there it’s just a matter of tagging, linking, guest blogging, commenting, etc. Give it a few months and your website will be rolling with followers, fans, and even critics.