Like a Boomerang

I'm back!

I just got done with a very long stay in Dallas, where I was working a convention for work. It was three weeks of non-stop 11 hour days, pitching and selling our program. It was exhausting, and as you can imagine, I didn't have a lot of time to blog. When I did get time, I used it to talk to my wife...because, well, I like her more. Here's a random update/recap of the past few weeks.

-I had LittleBigPlanet and Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier on my PSP, but I didn't play either of them--I just didn't have the time. I met a new friend who's husband programs for Gamespot in Idaho (yeah, small world). She gladly took the PSP off my hands and made sure it was used. Thanks Melanie!

-I did read through Halo: The Fall of Reach during the trip. I wanted something light and easy because I knew I'd be reading in very short bursts. I also thought it would be nice to get a little background before the game based on the events of the novel comes out. Unfortunately the book, --which was competent, but far from great--shed little light on the events of the game, or the character of Master Chief. Unlike the first Mass Effect book (the only other video game book I've read), I don't feel like I have a better understanding of the universe the games are set in, or the motivations of the characters that populate it. That made it a great on-the-go, short burst novel, but as an entertaining piece of fiction that sticks with you and makes you want to read more, it falls flat.

-I read it on my Nook, and the new Nook app for Android, which I am in love with. I'm a sucker for a cool UI, and I'm really digging the sweet digital page you flip with your finger on the Nook app.