Bad Guy Inc.

A couple of months ago The Escapist had a web comic contest. The prize was a publishing contract with the site. The deadline was at noon on some day in Feb (can't remember when) and I thought it was at 5:00 for some reason. I entered anyways because I worked on the comics, but I didn't think I'd win. I didn't.

So here, for your viewing pleasure is Bad Guy Inc. It's a comic about a video game bad guy temp agency. They supply the bad guys and bad guy supplies we all so willingly destroy.

They aren't all that good--I didn't have much time to work on them--but I thought the concept had legs. I threw a bonus picture at the bottom. I quickly colored the Locke sketch from the last post. I tried to do some different things with one of the brushes I like to use and I think it turned out nicely.