The Locke Monster

My brother suggested I do some Lost-inspired art. I'm kind of swamped with work right now preparing to leave for Italy, so all I had time for was this quick lunch time sketch.

The series finale airs while we're in Italy. My parents are going to download it from iTunes the next day (as they have with all the other episodes this season) so we can all watch it. If I find some time, I'd like to color this pic, and maybe do one of my other favorite Lost characters, Sawyer.

Any fellow Lost fans out there that have also read Stephen King's The Stand? The Lost writers are all huge King fans and some of the characters (like Charlie, or the Locke monster) seem to be lifted directly from that book. The [SPOILERS] bomb that killed a bunch of characters last week mirrored an event in The Stand. In the book, a bomb took out a big chunk of main characters toward the end and jump started the events that lead to the final showdown, or the stand. [END SPOILERS] I loved The Stand, so I can only hope that Lost will continue to mimic it as it moves towards its final episode.

The most recent Entertainment Weekly said the ending will be emotionally satisfying, but open to interpretation. That sounds about right to me.

UPDATE-Here's a bonus sketch of Sawyer I did real quick while waiting for my wife to pick me up.