No one spills milk on Kratos' breakfast patio! No one!

A little God of War inspired art I made this past week. I had fun with this one, and I tried out a couple of new tricks I learned. It makes me smile, which is usually my goal with most of my artwork.

In other news, I reviewed my first game for this week--Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for the PSP. Not sure when the review embargo is up, but I'll post a link to the review when it is. If you enjoyed the game on PS3, you'll like it on PSP. Writing for GR was a lot of fun, a nice change of pace from my GS duties. Their writing style is shorter, snappier, magazine-like. It's easy to pound out 700 to 1200 words about a game, it's much harder to distill it down to the most important bits. It reminded me of my days writing movie and game reviews for TC Magazine. Here's hoping I'll be reviewing more games for them in the future. All right, well I hope you like the picture. I'll be back with a review on EA Sports Active in a couple of days.

UPDATE: Someone on my GameSpot blog suggested I put a button prompt over the boy's head. So here it is with that.