The pros and cons of iPad books and God of War 3

Two things: iPad children's books and God of War. These things are not related.

First, check out this book trailer for Alice in Wonderland for the iPad. I think it's brilliant. It's like the evolution of pop-up books.


As a writer and illustrator, this really appeals to me. When I was working at the newspaper, I always had this uneasiness about my profession; I knew that its days were numbered. I was very interested in finding ways to move forward, to evolve, because, I wanted to have a job in five years. As you know, I left the newspaper biz--turns out that wasn't a battle I really wanted to waste my time fighting--and now I do marketing for a web software developer.

I say all that to say that sometimes I get that uneasy feeling about being an author-illustrator. I think books will be around forever, but there are things like this that could significantly change the game. From a business stand point, I'm sure there's a lot of money to be made here, and as a digital artist, I have the skills (or I can learn them) to eventually create something like this. I have far too many things on my plate right now to seriously pursue a digital interactive book, but that doesn't mean I can't make a pros and cons list about pursuing one.