A more specific 30 Day Challenge

Other than this blog and work, I'm avoiding the internet today (April 1). I can't stand all the goofy fake news that happens on April Fool's Day, and video game sites and publications are some of the worst with this stuff.

I've been watching 30 Days on Hulu recently and it's an enjoyable show. It's produced with an obvious leftist slant, so that might bother you if you're a conservative. There's a lot of eye-opening , perspective-changing stuff on that show to make it worth watching though, no matter your political leaning. I enjoyed the episodes on outsourcing, jail, and new age living. They're on Hulu and Netflix, so check it out when you can.

Anyways, the show got me thinking about my monthly goals and how I challenge myself every 30 days. I thought for April, I might make things a little more challenging, fitness-wise. As I mentioned last month, we picked up EA Sports Active for the Wii. They have a 30 Day Challenge with all kinds of work outs available, and I think I'm going to do it. I went and picked up some new resistance bands to replace the wimpy one the game comes with, and I'm starting my first work out today.

I've played EA Active once before, and it wasn't terribly hard, so I'm going to bump up the intensity and see where that gets me. I'm probably going to supplement these workouts with running because I love running, and it's too nice outside to workout indoors all the time. I missed the Cooper River Bridge Run this year because they bumped it up a few weeks and I didn't realize that till it was too late. I ended up traveling for work that day anyways so it's all good. The next big race I have is the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach in September--I might do a 5K this summer if I can find one that's not too expensive. I don't have to start training for the Rock and Roll half till June, so I figured I'd try the 30 Day Challenge this month. I'll see if I can get up a video every now and then to track my progress.

Anyways, here are the goals from last month: