I don't like hills

So I didn't set a new record at the race, in fact I was a bit slower than last year, but I think I did pretty good considering I had the flu most of the week. Just like last year, mile 11 kicked my butt. Charlotte is really hilly, and for some reason, the race organizers around here love to end races uphill. I don't get it. Mile eight is usually when I start feeling the pain when I'm doing long runs, and on this course, the uphill climb starts at mile eight and continues through the finish line. I did do a bit of marketing while I was out there, showing off FileAfter.com's new logo.

Because it was a fresh iron on, the logo bled a little by the end. But it was still readable. I had it on my back too, so maybe someone saw it as they passed me and thought, "I should go there and file a tax extension."

Overall it was a good run, and I'm proud of myself for doing it. Since March is about to get really busy for me, I probably won't do another race till the Cooper Rive Bridge Run in April. If you're in the Charleston area, I highly recommend it. It's only six miles, which isn't that bad if you start training now. The experience of running across the bridge with 40,000 people all around you is incredible.

My sister-in-law came down for the weekend, so we hung out after the race, then went to dinner with some friends, followed by a surprise party for another friend. Overall it was a good weekend (horrible aching legs aside), hope yours was as well.