The Original 13

So I decided to enter another Shirt.Woot Derby. I was sort of depressed because I might have missed The Escapist webcomic contest deadline by an hour (I turned it in anyways), so I decided to whip something up real fast for the newest derby: #136 The New Vintage. Here's what I came up with:

Doesn't get much more vintage than the beginning of the country. If you like the shirt and you're a Woot member, do me a favor and vote for me here. I could win some money.

Busy week for me. My older bro is coming in Tuesday for an alumni reception thing in Charlotte. He set some kind of record for recruiting students in NC, so they're holding this super nice dessert banquet for parents, prospects and alumni. We'll be there of course. Hang out with my bro, support the alma mater and all that.

On Friday my sis-in-law is coming down to stay for the weekend. Then on Saturday I have my race! I'm usually in a constant state of nervousness/excitement the days leading up to a race. I'm extra jittery about this one, because this will be my first repeat race. This race last year was my first half marathon, so I really want to improve my time. I'm not a competitive person at all, but I am die-hard gamer, and there's just something satisfying about beating my high score.

At work, we just gave our tax extension site a makeover. We've got a new logo and I think it rocks. If you're a business owner and you'd like to file for a tax extension, stop by FileAfter. It's quick and easy.

This past week I finally discovered how hilarious the Ricky Gervais podcast is. I scooped up a bunch of the free episodes and bought some of their Guide To The World audiobooks (they're only $1.95!). I have to be careful when I'm listening to them on a run though. I'm sure the people in the cars that passed me on Saturday's run wondered why I was grinning like an idiot.