What does this mean?

Brooke got a Lucky Magazine (a shopping publication that primes your wife for an expensive trip to the mall) in the mail last week and found this baffling ad for Diesel.

I can't figure out the message here. Let's break it down: You've got a woman in her underwear taking a picture of her nether regions and a lion watching in the background. The copy says that stupid has balls, and then it encourages the reader to be stupid. So is the woman stupid? Is she photographing her...balls (gross)? What's up with the lion? Does this make you want to shop Diesel?

I've been paying attention to ads and marketing campaigns a lot lately thanks to my new job. I like trying to break things down to discover their message, to look for the images, words and cues that are supposed to make the consumer feel a certain way. Brooke showed me this ad and I couldn't get it out of my head. It makes me feel confused. What about you?