All work and all play makes Austin...pretty content

It's funny, I work from home 90 percent of the time and yet I have less time to blog and participate in social media than I did at my old job. So sorry that I didn't reply to the comments on my last post, and that I haven't commented on some of your blogs, I am reading them through Google Reader though.

Anyways, things are going to get even busier for me in March, but I can't complain. I'm loving my new job, even if the hours are kind of crazy right now--I get to work from home most of the time with this guy:

I'll try and get in some updates in March when I can. Here are some you can chew on for now.

-Super Mario Galaxy came in from Gamefly last week and I'm having a great time with it. It has the most creative level design I've ever seen. It's really a solid platformer and a nice light follow up to the epicness of Mass Effect 2.

-Yeah, I finished Mass Effect 2. I think my total time spent on my first play through was more than 30 hours. I wanted to do every mission, get every member of the team and fully explore the galaxy. I was not disappointed, and though my full team didn't make it, I'm happy with the decisions I made. Since I imported my ME1 save for my first play through, I was a good guy.  I played the last ME several times, but I only fully finished it with that one character. After finishing ME2, I immediately started a game with a female Shepard, and I'm going to blaze through it and make all the bad, aggressive decisions and see how things play out.

-I finished Stephen King's Under the Dome and I loved it. It had the epic scale and characterization of The Stand, but with a tighter focus and faster pace. I liked how it was like Lost, there was a big mystery that overshadowed (and was sometimes overcome by) the day to day drama of the citizens under the dome. As the story progresses, those two elements start to interact and eventually become intertwined. It's a long read (I think about 1100 pages), but totally worth it.