January flew by for me. I've been very busy with the new job. Our full version of our newest program launched yesterday, so I've been doing all kinds of stuff to get ready for that. I'm loving the variety of my job, it's great.

Let's take a look back at last month's goals:

-Stick to my new half marathon training schedule |Yep, signed up for the Corporate Cup on March 6 yesterday
-Show my new employers that hiring me was a great decision |After writing and recording our demo video, my boss told me he was proud of himself for hiring me. I told him I was proud of him too.
-Register the Thunderbird |Ran in to some more bureaucratic roadblocks, but this should be done on Wednesday
-Finish at least two of the books I got for Christmas (I got a lot!) |World War Z and Mass Effect Ascension done. Next I've got Under The Dome, Evil Genius and The Terror
-Do something awesome for Brooke when she’s not expecting it |Yep
-Get my home office organized |I put together five Ikea bookcases and one drawer cabinet without making a single mistake. That's epic for me.

I was a bit more conservative last month than usual, didn't want to take on too much with the new job. Now that I'm in the swing of things, I'll try for a bit more, so here we go: