Robots can't stop pirates

That is, unless they come up against robot pirates. I finished this picture for Irregular Magazine, a free online pub. I'm not sure if they are going to use it, but it was still fun to do.

I'm also working on my submission for The Escapist web comic competition. I came up with a great strip and I think it could have legs if they want to pick it up. I already have my four samples written and one of them sketched out. I have till the end of the month, so I'll share more when I complete more.

Some other random updates:

-I recently created an editorial calendar for one of the blogs I'm writing on for work and it has made keeping up with that thing so much easier. I have blog topics planned out through May 31. I might do something similar here. Not sure if I want to put that much structure on my personal blog, even if it does free up brain space.

-I've been on a weird English kick lately, downloading music from Adele and Lily Allen to supplement my Kate Nash and Natasha Bedingfield songs. Most of Lily Allen's stuff is light and poppy fun, but Adele's is down right beautiful. That woman has a voice that could bring down mountains.

-I downloaded a Street Fighter 2 soundboard for my Eris and now anytime I get a text message I hear, "HADOUKEN!"

-I prefer the Daily Show, but Stephen Colbert nailed Sarah Palin the other day, and it was hilarious.

-A week ago I purchased a 120 GB "Fast" drive off eBay for my 360. It's custom built with a faster drive than the kind Microsoft uses, then slapped inside a 360 case and pre-loaded and formatted for easy use. I got a transfer cable from Microsoft and dumped all the contents of my tiny 20 GB drive on the new one.  I now have enough space to re-download all my Xbox Live Arcade games and install all the games I'm playing. I put Mass Effect 2 on there and noticed that load screens are 5 to 7 seconds shorter.

-I'm getting Super Mario Galaxy in from Gamefly, and a Monkey Ball game to review for Gamespot. I'm excited, I haven't used my Wii since I got the new TV.