December is the ender

It's the last month of year already! I'm little late updating my December goals, but I feel like this is important month to make them. So many people slack off during the holidays--not me. It's a great time to get things ready for the new year, and finish any year goals you might have. Before I get to the year goals, let's see how I did with the goals from November.

-Start working on some freelance gigs

-Finish another 10 chapters in my novel

-Try and spend Thanksgiving with Brooke's family

-Get our old car running again so we can give it away

-Finish some art for some friends

-Get all the Christmas shopping done

All but one goal finished. Still need to get that car taken care of. Here's what I'd like to accomplish in December:

-Finalize some stuff for my freelance biz...official things

-Finish the first draft of my novel!

-Do some art for Melanie Fillmore. I owe her.

-Get the car Brooke's brother gave us registered in NC

-Work on my picture book

-Enjoy the holidays!

So that's December. Let's see what I planned to get done in 2010. I posted the goals below on my blog in early January:

-Finish my novel | Should be done this month. When I made this goal I was 40 pages in to a completely different novel though!

-Run three half marathons, and PR on them all | Nope, only ran two in 2010. I got a PR on the second one.

-Grow my company’s brand, which will in turn grow our paychecks, haha | I did get a raise while I was on contract with that company so...I guess that could be crossed off. I don't work with them anymore, but I feel that I helped lay a good foundation for them to grow their brand.

-Save for our trip to Italy in May so that Brooke and I can have an excellent five year anniversary, and we can have a blast hanging out with my parents | Yeah, that was awesome.

-Reach my savings account goals | Got it, I'm now richer than Bill Gates.

That was the first time I've looked at those goals for 2010 since I made them (oops), and I'm happy with what I've done this year. I've learned a lot about myself this year. I feel like it was a growing year that has helped me position myself for an excellent 2011. Got any goals for December? Thinking about your goals for the new year? Let's keep each other accountable. Leave your goals in the comments, or make your own goals blog and link to it in the comments.