Accio Sketchbook!

I saw Harry Potter 7 this weekend. It was the first movie of the series I've actually seen in the theaters. I didn't start reading the books till I saw a trailer for the fourth movie. Once I started, I read books one through six in about two weeks. When the seventh book came out, I read it one very long sitting. So yeah, I love me some Harry Potter. 

The movie was excellent by the way. I'm not one of those fans that gets all upset about the things that are left out from the book. What matters to me is the tone of the story, and this movie nailed it. The dark, hopeless feeling Harry and the gang have hanging over them is prevalent. The gloomy, beautiful scenery during their long camping trip (which didn't feel as long in the movie thank god) was one of the best parts. I can't wait for the final movie, if it's as good as part one, it will be one heck of a finale.

Since I had Harry Potter on the brain, I sketched this during lunch.


Here's a bonus pic, because my friend Melanie asked for it, and because sketching Harry Potter stuff is fun.