My November sense is tingling

November has been and always will be my favorite month. No matter my situation in  life, I always greet it with hopeful open arms. The crisp cool weather, beautiful changing leaves, it's enough to make me get all sappy. It's time to do some monthly goals, but first, my Halloween costume.

I never got to be Spider-Man as a kid, and I'm way past the age that a full Spidey suit would be appropriate, so I dressed as Peter Parker. Also, the party we went to was a "costumes optional" party, so we didn't want to go crazy with the costumes. Brooke was an awesome wife and played along with my geekery, going as far as picking up a red wig to be my Mary Jane. Awesome! 

Back on track, here are the goals I laid out at the beginning of October:

-Find a house! | Nope. We actually chose to put house hunting on hold because we don't want to move during the holidays.

-Finish my novel’s outline and start writing | Yes! I finished my outline and got through ten chapters in October!

-Try to get in a couple more freelance gigs. | I actually  had more freelance opportunities than I could handle. Not a bad problem I guess

-Go to a Halloween party with Brooke and wear a ridiculous costume | See above

-Get everything sorted out with the car my brother-in-law gave us | Pretty much. Driving it around now, I guess I should stop calling it "my brother-in-law's car."

-Find someone to give our old car to | No, because it won't start, and that wouldn't be nice to give to someone

-Save money for the eventual move | Not moving, but I still saved money because I'm a geek with our finances

On to November, here's what I've got planned:

-Start working on some freelance gigs

-Finish another 10 chapters in my novel

-Try and spend Thanksgiving with Brooke's family

-Get our old car running again so we can give it away

-Finish some art for some friends

-Get all the Christmas shopping done

That will do it for November. Writing my book is taking up a lot of my free time, but that's okay because I'm having fun. It's really hard to just write and not look back and edit, but I'm on a deadline. I know some of the stuff I've put down is pure crap, but I'll fix that in January. I'd like to finish by mid-December, so I can take a break from the manuscript before I start editing. I also plan to do a short web comic set in the universe of my novel during that time.

What are your November goals? Feel free to leave them in the comments or post a link to your own goal blog. Hooray for accountability!