Great animation for your eyeballs

Since I've got a hard deadline to finish the first draft of my novel, I haven't had too much time to draw. I have been soaking in inspiration whenever I can though. This weekend I watched a couple of beautiful animated movies on Netflix: The Book of Kells and The Princes and the Frog. I don't think the two movies could be more different, but they were both gorgeous in their own right.

The Book of Kells, the story about the creation of a sacred book in medieval Ireland,  was a movie with a very distinct style and tone. It had a somber, mythological feel and the visuals were stunning. I'm a sucker for a unique and consistent style, which this movie had. The Book of Kells did a lot with contrast; small and large characters and environments, light and dark colors, simplicity and intricacy. I feel like there was some missed potential in the story, but the visuals were so stunning that I wasn't bothered by the thin, rather anti-climatic plot.

The Princess and the Frog as you may know, was a return to the 2D art of old for Disney. I went expecting fluidity and character, and The Princess and the Frog did not disappoint. The characters were perfectly designed and the colors were vibrant and engaging. I wasn't crazy about the cookie-cutter story, but I did thoroughly enjoy the cajun characters and setting. This didn't pluck my heart strings like some of the older 2D Disney movies did, but that might be because I'm older now, and I've been spoiled by Pixar. Still, the animation was excellent. I loved the villain in this movie too, a perfect mix of Scar from Lion King, Ursula from Little Mermaid, and Jafar from Aladdin. 

Both of these movies are available on the instant streaming service on Netflix. If you haven't seen them yet, I recommend them. They're great for families, and if you're a fan of animation, these are worth storing in your visual memory banks.