The unseen art of Brooke

Last night I asked Brooke what my Friday blog should be about, and she jokingly answered with "Me!"

I laughed, then realized Brooke has some artwork that's never been put on display. These little gems are usually saved for me. This is how it happens: I'm in my office, bent over my graphic tablet, and she comes in with the dog, both of them bored.

Then she says something like, "I'm bored. I want to draw too." So she grabs some weird art supplies--like a Post-It note and a fat Sharpie, or the back of an envelope--and then asks me for a prompt. I usually come up with things that I would like to draw. For example, one time I told her it was Super Mario's 25th birthday, so she drew this:


Another time I told her to draw her favorite time of year. This picture is titled "Fall Wonderland"

Not bad huh? Finally we have this assortment of goodies. I have no idea what prompted her to draw this. She named the man Phil. The other stuff...well, you'd have to ask her what that's all about.

Brooke will disagree, but I think her art is great. It's got a funny style to it that makes me smile. I'm not sure if that's always intentional, but I like it. In fact, I like any art that has its own distinct style, if it gets a reaction out of me--be it a smile, a chuckle, even revulsion (don't worry Brooke, your art isn't revolting), then it's worth checking out. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Have a great weekend everyone!