The New Gig

Thought I'd quickly share what I'm doing at my new job. I'm the VP of Marketing for SPAN Enterprises, a web software company. Our new product launched in Beta last Thursday. It's called UnitWise, a business and client management application for Mary Kay consultants and directors. It's a comprehensive in-depth program that does all kinds of awesome stuff. The tech team has been working around the clock to get it ready. They'll be ironing out some kinks over the next couple of weeks before the full version rolls out Feb. 1.

My part in all this was writing and marketing. I wrote everything you see on that site, from the feature blurbs and FAQs, to the script for the video on the demo page (I recorded and narrated it too). You wouldn't believe all the writing involved in setting up a full-featured site and program! Last week I spent a day writing every single email our system automatically sends users--many of which will only be skimmed at best. I also created Twitter and Facebook pages, and a blog to post updates and tutorials.

This week I'm working on the help text, a monumental task for sure, and I'm going to record a bunch of tutorials for new users. I'm really enjoying my new job; the variety, the excitement of embracing technology and filling a niche, the fact that I get to work from home 90 percent of the time, it's all good.We've got a couple of other programs in the pipeline, and I'll have to do more writing and marketing for those too.

It's so great to be out of the gloomy newspaper industry. I'm very thankful for the things I learned at my last job, and I believe I needed to experience some of the things there to get me here, but I haven't once thought something like "man, X or Y was so much better at my last job." That, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

So if you could, check out the site and tell your friends. I'll be writing a lot more over the next few weeks, adjusting things from feedback (I'm redoing that demo video this week, because we have a new logo on the way).

My new coworker has no respect for my personal space

Quick side note: keep those in Haiti in your prayers and thoughts. My little bro is a watercraft engineer in the Army, he and his crew were on their way to the Caribbean when the quake happened and they were immediately reassigned to disaster relief. I'll post updates on that situation, and what is going on in Haiti from his perspective when I can.