Hmm that didn't go well

So this past weekend I was up in Virginia Beach for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. This was my second half marathon, my first being here in Charlotte back in March. I was hoping for a 2:15 finish time, but as the title of this post implies, things didn't go as planned.

Last Wednesday I noticed a dull pain in my foot running down the top on the outside. It spooked me a bit and I didn't want to injure anything before the race so I took Thursday and Friday off. I ran a bit on Saturday and things felt fine.

I got up at 4:00 AM on Sunday so that we could get from my brother's place in Newport News to the starting line in time. I got there and jumped out of the car without my gum. I hate running without gum in my mouth, I just can't do it. So I called my wife and my brother got as close to the starting line as he could (many of the surrounding streets were closed) and he brought me my gum. He stayed with me till I headed for my coral. Since there were more than 20,000 people running we were put in corals based on the projected finish time we provided during registration. When the race started they waited 30 to 60 seconds to release each coral in waves. Since I was snuggly in the middle of coral 15 (I think there were about 26, maybe more), I had to wait quite a while before I actually crossed the starting line.

Things started out well and I was enjoying the run. This race is different than most half marathons--not only are there tens of thousands of participants (many half marathons cap out around 2,000), but there are also bands and cheer squads placed throughout the 13 mile course. The pictures you see below are after the first mile. My wife and sister-in-law were standing by the stage of the first band.