Digital Painting Lessons 8 and 9: Color rough to final painting

The Lessons
This is it, the final assignment. Split over two lessons, we had about a month to do this one all together. The first lesson was relatively easy, but it was very important and it contained some great information. Ultimately our goal was to create the painting below.

That's an award winning painting done by Bobby. He provided a rough sketch of the ape, but that was it. After a short lesson on color theory, which might have bored an art major but fascinated me, we set about creating a rough. Bobby showed us how to go from desaturated tones to more vibrant colors with each pass.

For this lesson he said it was up to us what we did. We could copy him exactly, change it up a little bit, or turn in something totally original. I decided to be brave and go with something different. This would be my last chance to have such an accomplished artist comment on and critique my work, so I wanted at least some of it to really be mine. This was extra scary because I went back and watched the critiques of previous classes (did I mention that you could do that earlier? Awesome perk, that one) and no one had strayed as far from his picture as I planned to. Some had made the mountains different, some tweaked the face a bit, and one even added a monocle, but no one left the overall snow theme. To say I had doubts going into this assignment is an understatement!