School Bored

Last week I had to go to a school board meeting for a story I was working on. Being a business publication, we never cover education, but there was something at this particular meeting I needed for my story. Unfortunately, the part I needed to hear was the last item on the agenda. The first item on the agenda was a rezoning issue, and apparently it was quite a hot button issue. The room was packed and more than 35 people signed up to speak in front of the board, and each got three minutes a piece. During that lifetime of speeches I sketched out most of the board members, some random bald guy with an interesting look, and a chubby guy uninterested in the zombie apocalypse (there wasn't a reference for that last one...).


It's funny, many of my reporter notebooks have as many doodles in them as notes. I love writing, but sometimes, it's just more fun to draw.