Digital Painting

I've been trying to get into Bobby Chiu's digital painting class at for more than a year. Every time a class would come open, it would fill up before I could register. I finally snagged a spot in his next class starting May 15. Chiu is an amazing artist (some have called him the next Walt Disney), and I'm so excited to learn from him. I've been waiting to send out my recently finished children's book until after I take this class. I feel like the things I'll learn from him will take me one step closer to my dream of being a full-time children's book writer-illustrator.

The class comes at a great time too. I should be finished with Fuddle Learns To Cuddle by May 10, so I'll be free to concentrate on my class assignments. Speaking of Fuddle, the organization I'm illustrating the book for just got a new website. It's got my fuddle design all over the place, which is pretty cool. I'm going to cook up a few more poses for them to use on the site and other marketing material as soon as I get a chance. Right now, I'm pretty busy trying to get the book finished though.

Now, on to the reason of this post. I'm going to be posting my assignments and some of my feedback from Bobby's class. It's a nine week course, so I should have nine to ten images to share with you. I have a blog at that actually has readers, but Wordpress is much easier to use as far as image manipulation goes. I'll probably link to this blog from my GS one. So if you're an artist, interested in Bobby Chiu, or you found your way here by mistake, I hope you like what you see!