Keeping things interesting

Well the weekend came and went and I played a whole lot of MX vs. ATV Reflex. The reviews are up on Gamespot now if you want to read them. It was a decent game (though the PS3 version was an eyesore), which was nice. It sucks when you have a tight review deadline and you’re stuck with a terrible game you have to keep playing. I generally don’t complain about that though, because I am still getting paid to play a video game.

Another perk of my Gamespot gig is the store credit I constantly accrue. When they can’t send a game to me in time for review, or before it hits stores, I have to buy it. Most of the time I choose not to keep the game—I have to beat it, so there’s not much point in holding on to it. GameStop (notice the difference non-gaming friends, Gamespot: one of the oldest gaming websites, GameStop: kinda shady corporate chain of game stores) won’t let you return a game if you’ve opened it, but they will rip you off give you store credit. I’d make a huge fuss about this, but I get reimbursed for my purchase anyways. So I usually have a decent amount of credit with them, just waiting to be used. I decided to use it Tuesday night for Rock Band 2. [It should be noted that sometimes I give away my reviewed games, sometimes to trade, sometimes just because I like someone. If you see something I’m reviewing and you're interested, let me know]