The umbrella showdown

I won’t be online much this weekend because I’m busy reviewing the 360 and PS3 versions of MX vs ATV Reflex. I played a few hours last night, and my early impressions are that there are some glaring flaws, but once you get the hang of the intuitive dual stick controls, it can be a lot of fun, sometimes. I’ll be playing a whole lot more this weekend, including some online stuff. If you catch me online (Yeah Write on Xbox Live and yeah_write on PSN) and you have the game, feel free to join in.

As for the title of the blog, that refers to this video of Berkeley’s half hour showdown with an umbrella. I edited it down to two minutes, so you don’t have to sit through as much whining as we did. Just remember that when you hear our enthusiastic celebration at the end, we watched him battle this out for a long time (that’s not all we did, we were watching Storm Chasers to--we're pretty good at tuning him out).