Rockstar trailers

Rockstar released the second trailer for Red Dead Redemption the other day, and once again I'm intrigued. Take a look below.


I don't know how you feel about their games, or if you even play their games, but you can't deny that they can string together an appealing trailer. Just watch this one from Grand Theft Auto IV.


And this one from one of my favorite Rockstar games, Bully.


I think their trick is how they do everything with the in-game engine. Some game trailers use pre-rendered footage that looks really cool, but doesn't give you a sense of how the game plays. Others are all game play and don't give you a sense of the story or characters. Rockstar game trailers use the actual game engine and real scenes from the game to show you characters, story, environment and gameplay all in an easy-to-watch, appealing package. They're like good movie trailers--they draw you in and make you want to find out what happens. The perk here is that these are video games, and you don't just watch them, you play them. Live, in their world, interact with their characters.

If you've played GTAIV or Bully, you know that those trailers did an excellent job of establishing the tone of those games. GTAIV was a gritty, sometimes dreary story of the ups and downs of an illegal immigrant trying to reconcile his past. Bully was a lighthearted story of how a former bully finds his place in a dysfunctional private school full of crazy characters. Both games were as interesting/fun as their trailers imply.

I loved the first Red Dead game, so I was a little nervous when it was announced that Rockstar would be taking over for the second game, and even more nervous when I saw screen shots showing a game that looked nothing like the stylish and campy western shooter the first game was. Then I saw the first trailer and my interest was piqued. I saw this trailer yesterday, and now I'm sold. Well done Rockstar.