Frankenteen's dilemma (and some bonus pics from a special guest)

In elementary school all the kids loved the fact that he ate cats, it was funny and kind of gross. Now that he’s in 10th grade, Frankenteen’s feline feasts aren’t funny, they’re just weird. Unfortunately, Frankenteen has grown to enjoy the taste of cats, it’s his favorite treat, but the kids at school laugh at him when he coughs up hairballs. What is he to do? Give up cats to be cool? Or continue to help control the pet population by chomping up strays? Poor Frankenteen.

Since Thanksgiving is here I thought I’d share what I’m thankful for. Normally I’d do a big list of all the great things I’m blessed with, but I’m just going to do one this year. I’m thankful for my wife. Brooke is an amazing person, an excellent communicator, my biggest fan, sharpest critic, kindest encourager, and my best friend. She supports my passion and helps push me to achieve my dreams, and for that (and many other things) I love her.

My wife Brooke, she's awesome

Enough with the mushy stuff, let me share with you her awesomeness. As I was finishing up the Frankenteen picture she sat down next to me and said, “Can you show me how you do what you do so I can make a picture?”