Remember, remember your goals for November

Can you believe November is here already? I love November, it's my favorite month. It's the changing leaves and the early not-too-cold-but-still-need-a-light-sweater chill that I love the most, Thanksgiving is pretty cool too. Also, on the 20th, I will be with Brooke for nine years (been married for 4 and half), and that's great, because she seems to still like having me around.

Anyways, here are my goals from last month, which was my first time participating in the monthly goal meet-up.

-Finish my sample pictures and get my children’s book out to at least one publisher (Hooray! Sent it out last week, the sample pics are right here.)
-Figure out why I’m getting the pain in my right foot so I can get back to regular running (I'm gonna cross this off, though I'm not sure what the pain is. I bought new shoes today, and the guy at Run For Your Life--amazing store by the way--said my shoes could have been the problem. I'd rather buy some new shoes and see if that was it than have to pay for x-rays.)
-Write at least 15,000 words in my young adult novel. (Nope. I only did like 1,500 in my young adult novel. I did return to a novel I shelved when I first started working at The Meck Times. I was about 100 pages into that, and I forgot how much fun it was. I've done about 2,500 in that.)
-Go to as many of my wife’s community flag football games as possible (Yep, their team is the worst in the league, but a lot of fun to watch!)
-Indulge my wife on something Twilight related once or twice (Yeah...)
-Pay off our projected 2009 taxes (Boo yah!)
-Figure out what we’re going to do with the 1992 Thunderbird Brooke’s grandma left us (We're keeping it for now. Gotta get it registered in NC, the MO tags are expired. Runs perfectly though)
-Build up my design portfolio (more on that later) (I did, not sure if it helped. I applied for the designer position at the paper. They interviewed me about two weeks ago...I'm still a writer though, it's all good)
-Save some money (I can't not save money)
-Cut down on diet soda and coffee, increase juice intake (Drank more juice...and coffee and diet soda)
-Get my dog neutered–sorry Berkeley, you’re way overdue. (Got it done yesterday. As an adult dog, it's taking longer for him to heal, he's not too happy. I know this because he keeps on passing gas and then leaving the room...I'm suffocating in his stink as I type this.)

Not bad for my first month! I like this goal thing. The last week and a half of the month I found myself thinking about the goals and whether I'd finish them all. No one is keeping me accountable here, but I think putting them on the blog helps me keep myself accountable.

So, on to November, here are my goals.

-Improve what I can improve at work
-Get most, if not all, of our Christmas shopping done
-Start training for the Alston & Bird Cup Half Marathon in March
-Write at least 5,000 words in one or both of my books
-Go see New Moon with Brooke...and budget for her multiple viewings
-Have the patience to wait for the awesome deals on Black Friday
-Give to our church, they need it
-Give my time to someone who needs it
-When Thanksgiving comes, don't do any kind of work! None!
-On that note, make sure to get back to unplugging on Wednesdays
-Update my blog at least twice a week, and reply to comments
-Go to the dentist

All right, I think that's doable. So what are your goals?