Vacation sketches and the compliment shirt

We got back from our vacation very early Monday morning and I am so happy to be back. The day we left marked our one year anniversary of moving to Charlotte. I had my doubts about the move when we first got here and couldn't secure jobs. Then when we both found jobs, we had our doubts about leaving our last ones for the ones we had here. Now though, a year later, we're finally stabilized, have great jobs and things are going well. I'm so happy we came to Charlotte, it's a perfect fit for us. We loved it before, but that vacation gave me a bit of perspective and helped me realize that it really is the place we should be right now.

Anyways, the vacation itself was great. It was really nice to see the family and my new nephew is way cool. He doesn't do much besides squirm around and poop, but he's really cute while he does it. I can't wait to watch him grow.

While on the trip I did some sketches just for fun. I tried to just start drawing and just let the picture happen. I've found that I have a lot more fun that way, and that's what it's all about. Here's what I did while I was away. the last two are actually pictures done by Brooke. The first one she calls "Phil, an eclectic mix," and the second is "Fall Wonderland." My favorite is the nursing home bat, and the lizard rampage. I kind of like drawing silly animals...


I got a new game in to review today. It's called Naruto Shippuden Ninja Destiny 2...yeah. I don't know anything about Naruto, but that doesn't really matter, as I'm judging this game based on how good it is as a game, not as a service to anime fans, because I am certainly no fan of anime (by the way, why is it when you tell other gamers you don't like anime, they look at you like you're racist? Like anime love is a requirement if you are serious about video games. I respect what anime has done and what it continues to do in animation, but I do not like it. I feel the same way about U2, Michael Moore films, and broccoli, among other things). I'll start that game tonight before bed and let you know how it is.

I feel like I have so many topics I want to blog about, but when I sit down to write them, I find myself typing out these random life updates. I write structured, thought out stories all day long, sometimes it's nice to just go with the flow. I do have some ideas though and I'd like to get them out there for discussion. Perhaps I should set a date for completion to hold myself accountable. Let's say go with Monday. Yeah, on Monday I'll get an editorial up here. I'm thinking about blogging and conflict, or pricing and games, or maybe some office communication dos and don'ts. We'll see how I feel on Sunday night.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be a busy day for me, and it has the potential to be a very important one too. I'm not at liberty to say why just yet, but I can say that I wish I didn't waste my compliment shirt on Wednesday. It would have served me better tomorrow (that pic is for you @minimumfailure)


Oh and this has nothing to do with this post really, but I took this picture the other night after we got Berkeley back from being boarded at the vet and I really like it. He loves to nap right where I sleep while Brooke reads and I work on the computer.